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Kid-friendly salon turns the dreaded haircut into an adventure FRANCHISE TIMES
It’s inevitable: 1.) Hair grows; 2.) a stranger coming at you with scissors is a scary event for most young children and a hassle for their parent. Which is why Snip-its is taking the pathos out of a child’s haircut for the parent and instilling a sense of adventure in the child. ... View PDF
How One Mom Turned A Kid’s Haircut Into A Booming Small Business FORBES
Joanna Meiseles wanted her son's first haircut to be memorable. Her plan was to videotape and savor the moment that her baby's gentle, golden curls fell to the floor for the first time. Imagine her surprise when she took him to a local family-style hair salon and nobody wanted her business. ... View PDF
How This Women’s Young Daughter Inspired Her To Change Careers ENTREPRENEUR
Jill Raedels wouldn’t have her current franchise -- Snip-its, a haircutting place for kids -- if it weren’t for her daughter Piper.

Piper was ready for her first haircut in 2010 when they were visiting family in Greenville, S.C. Raedels planned to take Piper, 2 at the time, to the Snip-its she’d driven past many times before, but the salon was closed that day.

“We ended up at an adult salon, later that week, in our home location of Lexington [S.C.],” Raedels explains. “After that less-than-fun experience, we (Raedels and her husband) discussed the need for a kid’s salon in our area. The next day, it must’ve been fate, because there just happened to be a conference call for potential new franchisees, which we joined and thereby started our journey.”... View PDF